Taliban chief of operations in E-Afghanistan killed

Saturday, 02 March 2013 13:36

Taliban chief of operations in E-Afghanistan killed

Officials in eatern Afghanistan confirmed the death of Mulavi Dost Mohammad, the Taliban chief of operations at the early hours of Saturday.
An official from Afghan and NATO forces Military Coordination Office told Bokhdi News Agency that Dost Mohammad along with his four colleagues have been killed in drone strike Saturday.
He was killed in Ghazi district of Kunar province at 7:00 am.
According to The Afghan and NATO Military coordination office, Akhtar Mohammad, Nematullah Haidari who was Dost Mohammad`s relative and two other Taliban high commanders were also killed in attack. 
Dost Mohammad was responsible for equipping Taliban fighters and the group`s shadow governor in Nuristan province.
Ghazi Abad district in which Mulavi Dost Mohammad was killed is an insecure area in Kunar province.
Previously, the mentioned district chief of police with three civilians was killed after a suicide man exploded himself up in a mosque in the province.
Meanwhile, active presence of insurgents has been reported from the district.
The source told Bokhdi News Agency that Mulavi Dost Mohammad was killed in a joint pre planned attack from Afghan military and NATO forces.
He added "after recognizing Dost Mohammad and his colleagues, the unmanned plane targeted them and were killed".
The Afghan military and NATO forces coordination office confirm over 80% decrease in insurgents' activities in the area.
Zhejot Nuristani-Nuristan
Bokhdi News Agency


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